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US Tattoo Artist Covers Up Racist Ink For Free

Without a doubt, the Black Lives Matter movement is a critically important moment in our world history and hopes to change the attitudes and beliefs of people all over the planet. But what if you’ve realised the errors of your past, and have questionable tattoos that no longer represent your ideology?

A New Jersey tattoo artist is offering to cover up racist and hate-filled ink free of charge, saying that change “starts with yourself”, according to a report on

Esmailin Sanchez, who co-owns Chakra Tattoos in Old Bridge, New Jersey, says he has already received 10 requests after he posted his offer of cover-ups on his Instagram account last week.

“I feel like I’m helping to fix the past every time I do a cover-up,” said Sanchez.

Sanchez, who is a dreadlocked Dominican man, said it can be a nerve-wracking experience, having had cover-up appointments with motorcycle gang members, white supremacists, and members of LA street gang, Bloods

While working on the cover-ups, he says he tries to dig deeper for the reasons why they are wanting to hide the tattoos.

“Are you doing this because you’re trying to get a job? Or, you had an experience that now you see things completely different?” Sanchez said. “It can be different things and I don’t know until they get into the chair.”

His cover-up work typically costs $250 to $300 per hour, but to help facilitate change for the better, he announced his offer to do it free of charge.

“It’s my contribution to making the world better. If you want change, it starts with yourself,” Sanchez said.

Whatever ink you have in mind, come and see our expert artists in our tattoo shop in Kings Cross.

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