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Stick And Poke Tattoos: A Good Idea Or Not?

Much of life has necessarily been put on hold for the last few months as the world tries to get to grips with the coronavirus pandemic and, although it may not be the most vital part of survival, no doubt there are many of you out there really, really looking forward to the day that you can get back on the tattoo table once again.

An interesting development over the last few weeks is the rise of at-home stick and poke tattoos, something that you may well have considered trying out for yourself.

According to the New York Times, one company that manufactures and ships at-home kits has recorded double the number of online orders that it would usually see, while more than 100 new members recently joined a Facebook group called Stick and Poke Tattoo for Beginners in the last couple of weeks.

But doctors are warning that there are medical risks associated with these kinds of tattoos, with New York-based dermatologist Dr Arash Akhavan saying that there’s “probably a 25 to 50 per cent chance you’re going to have some sort of complication”.

Although some businesses and sectors have been given the green light to reopen (following social distancing and health and safety guidelines), tattoo shops in the UK must still stay shut for the time being.

It surely won’t be long until we are allowed to reopen so it might be better to wait until you can make an appointment with us here at Islington tattoo shop Lighthouse Tattoo instead of trying out stick and poke tattoos for yourself at home.

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