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Does Numbing Cream Really Work?

Is there anything that looks more beautiful than fresh ink? Tattoos look so incredibly vibrant when they’re first finished - but it can take a lot of gritted teeth to get to that point… and some of us feel the pain an awful lot more than others.

It also depends where on your body you’ve chosen to have your tattoo done as to the amount of pain you’re likely to feel and if you already know that you can’t handle too much, you might want to think about using a bit of numbing cream to help get you through it.

There are numerous brands out there that can help you make it through your session but the best ones to go for are, perhaps, Dr Numb and Emla.

Dr Numb is an American brand and can be tricky to source in the UK but it’s generally considered to be the very best option for numbing the pain of the needle - so if you want to try it ahead of your next appointment, make sure you’re organised and order it well ahead of time.

If you forget or it doesn’t arrive in time, you can find Emla relatively easily here and they stock it in both Boots and Superdrug, so pop off to your local pharmacy to see what they’ve got.

It’s easy to apply but it comes in a tiny tube so make sure you get yourself enough of it to cover the area you’re getting tattooed. You need to apply it an hour or so before your appointment, spreading it in a thick layer. Don’t rub it in - you need to let it soak in by itself in order to feel the full effects.

You’re likely to find that you can still feel the needle - you are getting a tattoo, after all - but it can really help to take the edge off if you’re nervous or know you can’t sit for too long because of the pain.

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